Transgene Injection Service Your DNA microinjected into eggs from C57BL/6, C57BL/6xCBA hybrid, or FVB/N

$1,761/per session

CRISPR/TALENs Injection Service Your RNA / DNA / ssODNs microinjected into embryos harvested from C57BL/6xCBA hybrids

$1,761/per session

Blastocyst Injection Service Your ES cells injected into 3.5 day blastocysts harvested from donor females of the appropriate strain. We suggest starting with a minimum of 2 sessions per construct and using 2 targeted positive clones.

$1,761/per session

Husbandry Service Your colony is housed in our barrier rooms and are mated, weaned, and tailed, and your colony inventory is tracked with a computer database. Fee is applied only to handled cages (those that are actively mating, are pregnant, or have pups). Non-timed mating cages are charged at half-rate ($0.76).


Genotyping PCR Service Fee is for each reaction by the Universal Genotyping Protocol, which requires 30 mer primers.


Sperm Cryopreservation Service Sperm frozen from two mutant males per line into 10 straws for $265. The $450 fee includes a test thaw & IVF embryo culture QC. This is the safest and most cost-effective way to store and recover mutant strains. Cryopreserved Sperm is stored in two separate locations for security. The cost for storage is $200 per year for up to 10 cassettes (50 samples).


Ovarian Transplant Service Ovarian transplant from one donor into (up to) four recipient females, and includes cost of recipients.


Vasectomy Service Vasectomy surgery includes the cost of the mouse.


Speed Congenics Service Transfer of a locus from one inbred strain to another (129SV<-->C57Bl6, FVB/N<-->C57Bl/6, FVB/N<-->DBA). You transfer the initial animal into our facility and we perform all breeding and genotyping for five generations. We transfer animals from the new strain back to you upon completion of the project, which takes 12-16 months if no crossing has begun.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) This service includes surgical harvest of sperm from a sacrificed male donor and IVF of eggs harvested from 10 females. Fertilized eggs are implanted in pseudopregnant recipients and subsequent offspring returned to the investigator after weaning. 15-25 offspring are expected. For an increased fee of $950, we can use 15 female donors and 25-40 offspring are expected.


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